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Adoption Lawyer

Adoption: Legal Process and Finalization
Colorado Attorney R. Brian Daniel

Finalizing the adoption of a child can be a dream come true for many individuals; however, any person who has been through an adoption knows that the process can be extremely emotional, frustrating, and time-consuming.  Navigating the complex legal process of adoption can be especially difficult without the guidance of an experienced Parker, Colorado Adoption Attorney.  Whether you are seeking to start or add to your family through adoption, a knowledgeable Parker, Colorado Adoption Attorney at The Daniel Law Firm can provide you with the legal assistance needed to move your adoption toward finalization.

There are many different types and methods of adoption.  With an “open adoption”, the biological parents and adoptive parents may exchange identifying information before and/or during the adoption process and these individuals may also maintain contact after the adoption has been finalized.  In “closed adoptions”, the biological parents and adoptive parents typically remain completely anonymous to one another and may have no contact at any time, whatsoever. In a “semi-open adoption”, the biological parents and the adoptive parents may share emails, photographs, letters or other forms of communication that provide the biological parents with some information about the child, but that limit the amount and type of information regarding the identity, vocation, place of residence and/or other identifying characteristics of the adoptive parents/family. 

Regarding the various levels of contact contemplated by these methods of adoption, it is extremely important for an adoptive parent to be able to decide what amount of involvement makes the most sense for the situation, for the adoptive family and for the adoptive child. 

There are many ways to begin the adoption process.  Some of the most common methods of adoption are:

  • Domestic Adoption Agencies – Domestic adoption agencies can be public or private and their focus is on matching children available for adoption with prospective adoptive parents. Public Adoption Agencies are usually state funded and focus on the placement of children currently in foster care with a permanent family situation.  Private Adoption Agencies are usually run by charities or businesses and they try to match biological parents who desire to place a child with an adoptive family with a prospective adoptive parent or parents. All adoption agencies should be state licensed, and you should check the credentials of any agency you are considering before you make the decision to retain the services offered. 
  • Private Adoptions (also called independent adoptions) – Private adoptions are coordinated directly between a child’s biological parents and the prospective adoptive parent or parents, usually without the assistance of an agency.  The parties generally find each other through a third-party such as a doctor, attorney, or adoption facilitator.  Private adoptions are not permitted in all states. 
  • International Adoptions – International adoptions involve adopting a child from another country.  Regarding this method of adoption, you must work with an agency that is specifically licensed to perform international adoption services.  Each country has its own criteria such as age limits, and the length of time you must remain in the country before you can return to Colorado to complete the adoption; therefore, it is vital that you seek out a reputable agency with experience in International placements.
  • Adoption of a Relative/Custodial Adoption – The adoption of a child who is related to the prospective adoptive parent or parents either by blood or marriage often occurs in situations involving stepchildren, grandchildren, or nieces/nephews.  In addition, if a child has been placed with a prospective adoptive parent through the foster care system, and a year has passed, the procedure pursuant to which the adoption must adhere becomes somewhat less burdensome. 

Overall, if you are contemplating adoption and are in any of the above-referenced situations, you will greatly benefit from the experience of a Parker, Colorado Adoption Attorney.  Adoption laws can be complex, especially in situations involving adoption of a child from another state or country.  Regardless of whether you are working with an adoption agency or proceeding with a private adoption, a Parker, Colorado Adoption Attorney with a firm grasp on Colorado adoption law will help ensure that your adoption is processed in an efficient and effective manner. Once you have been matched with a child available for adoption (whether through an agency, a familial relationship or the foster care system), a Parker, Colorado Adoption Attorney can assist you with meeting all of the requirements necessary to finalize your adoption. These requirements may include preparing a plan for acquiring all the necessary reports and clearances, preparing and filing of all court documents, and providing legal representation at the adoption finalization hearing.  

As an adoptive parent himself, Parker, Colorado Adoption Attorney R. Brian Daniel understands firsthand the many ups and downs of the adoption process.  Having been directly involved in both an international and domestic adoption, Brian has acquired a unique sense both of empathy and of appreciation for what his clients are going through.  It is this empathy and appreciation for his clients that separates him from many of the other attorneys practicing in this field.  

If you are considering adoption in the State of Colorado or internationally, contact your Parker, Colorado Adoption Attorney at The Daniel Law Firm, today.  

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